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wholesale Bungee Cord
24" 36" 48" Super Duty round elastic rubber cord Bungee Cord Luggage Strap Rope Hook Stretch Tie Car Bike Camping with Carabiner Hook

✓Material:High quality pp yarn + Latex or rubber thread
✓Spring Gate on hook keeps it in place
✓Up to 3X stronger than conventional hooks
✓Oversized molded grip for strength and security
✓Ensures you can lock onto the anchor point & won’t bend, break or slip off
✓UV treated exterior ensures a long life

1.Extreme caution should be taken when cords/straps are stretched.
2.DO NOT stretch beyond 50% of unstretched length.
3.DO NOT OVERSTRETCH.Hook should be firmly held and securely fastened.
4.When stretched,the cord/strap may rebound and snap back with considerable force.
5.Care should be taken that the face and other vulnerable body parts are kept away from potential cord/strap rebound.
6.Protective eyewear should be worn when fastening and releasing product.
7.If hooks,cords or straps show signs of wear.DO NOT USE.wholesale Bungee Cord

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